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Mobile Advertising Exchange for Premium in-app Ads and Global App Monetization | Vserv.mobi
Mobile Internet Consumer report 2013: Audience Insights on Mobile Web & App Users.
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Combine the power of search with mobile ads.
Acquire qualified leads!
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Reward your consumers with Mobile Top Ups.
And cultivate brand loyalty!
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Maximize gains from all your users!
Mobile App Mobile Web
Mobile AppMobile Web
AppWrapper™ is the World’s Simplest App Monetization Platform! Boost revenue from your Apps with just One Click - without any coding!
Cross Platform SDKs
Our powerful cross platform SDKs support all mobile OS platforms and deliver exceptional monetization through rich ad formats.
Premium Publishers
Monetize your media - websites, news, music, apps and more across all mobile platforms, maximizing your revenues from mobile.
Developer Success
Inspiring success stories of our developer partners from across the globe, who have experienced the power of AppWrapper™

Sales & Marketing

Leverage Smart Data to reach the right audience, at the right place and right time!
Unparalleled Reach
Target 452 million unique user profiles to drive ROI from emerging markets like India, Southeast Asia, Middle East & Africa.
Impactful Mobile Ad Formats
Our premium full-screen mobile ads deliver an immersive experience for the mobile user and generate higher engagement & recall.
AudiencePro™ is the World’s Smartest Audience Targeting Platform! It leverages Telco subscriber data to enable unprecedented targeting.
Case Study
Discover how our top brands partners are leveraging the power of mobile through our Smart Campaign case study series.