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Unity is a cross platform game engine which is very popular with Mobile Game Developers. It supports all major mobile platforms. Using Unity’s IDE you can easily develop games and build them for multiple platforms.

Getting Started

This tutorial is going to help you monetize your Android and WP8 apps with If you plan to monetize your Android game you will need the Android Unity Plugin, which is avaliable here. For Windows Phone 8 you need our WP8 Plugin which is also available on our downloads page.

Before you get started you need to make sure you have a ZoneID, it’s a unique identifier based on which Ads can be requested.


Once you have downloaded the Android Plugin, you can extract it to a folder of your choice, the zip file will contain a zipped sample project, zipped plugin files and documentation. For now just extract the plugin file which will contain a unity plugin file and a cs file

You first need to import the unitypackage, for this you can right click on your Assets panel and select Import Package > Custom Package.

Next you need to add the VservPlugin.cs script from the VservUnityPlugin folder into your project. You can just drag and drop the file into your Assets panel. This script is a helper script which encapsulates all the methods into simple function calls.

You now need to select your camera and add a new script to it via the inspector panel, let’s call it Ads. Make sure it’s a C Sharp script.

Now open the Ads script in an editor of your choice. It should have the following code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Ads : MonoBehaviour {
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {

	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {

For this tutorial we are going to setup a fullscreen launch ad. So we need to add the following snippet to the Start() method.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using VservPlugin;

public class Ads: MonoBehaviour {

    // Use this for initialization
	void Start() {
		if (Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.Android) {

            /*Show Launch Ad*/
			VservPlugin vservPlugin;
			vservPlugin = new VservPlugin();

			/*This is a test ZoneID, make sure you replace it before going live*/

Note you will need to the using VservPlugin; directive too.

You will need to add the following into your AndroidManifest.xml, if you are not using a custom manifest you can create one and place it the Assets directory and then add the following.

<meta­data android:name="" android:value="@integer/google_play_services_version">

You also need to add the following permissions in the Manifest file:

<uses­permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET">
<uses­permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE">

Note if you are looking to get started with Unity and are looking for a HelloWorld equivalent Nokia has a very good tutorial here. While the tutorial is geared towards Windows Phone 8 the Unity section can be used for other platforms too.

Windows Phone 8

If you plan to monetize your WP8 apps you can do so by using Interstitials and Banner Ads via the WP8 SDK.

 Integration is similar to the Android integration above, a difference being that the VservPlugin class is integrated within the unity plugin. You also need to build the project once and make a few modifications within the VS project, specifically add the Windows Capabilities, some assets & initialize the VservPlugin object, these steps are described below.

Post that you can use the DisplayAd() and the RenderAd() methods to show Ads. Make sure you define the required callbacks

The capabilities that you will need to add are provided below:


To initialize the VservPlugin object, add the following to the constructor of the MainPage.cs

VservPlugin.VservWP8Plugin.DSGB = DrawingSurfaceBackground;

Requesting an interstitial then becomes as easy as using the following code in the Unity script

VservWP8Plugin vservPlugin;

void Start () {
	vservPlugin = new VservWP8Plugin ();

void OnGUI () {
	/*This is a test ZoneID, make sure you replace it before going live*/

If you are looking for a deeper dive into the solutions, download them from our Downloads page and check out the documentation and sample projects provided.


R.A.I Ltd (England) – Developer of the Week

Acknowledged as UK’s Silicon Beach, Brighton is Europe’s small town which serves some of the finest cutting edge mobile apps & games. Making its presence felt as one of the upcoming tech hubs situated on the South coast of London, Brighton is dotted with numerous start-ups and is attracting some of the brightest minds in the country. One such company energizing Brighton’s Mobile App Space is R.A.I Ltd & is the brainchild company of a talented & determined individual – Mick Reiss.

Mick Reiss

Before witnessing a rising trend in Mobile Gaming, Mick worked on artificial intelligence (AI) in PC games for several years & also has a strong background in physics. He quickly learnt the art of programming on Android  with which he developed games that users enjoyed & were visually appealing which is also reflected in his latest game – Defender Force! Going back in time, Mick stumbled upon his first gaming app idea about 30 years ago. While working on an academic neural network software, the nodes often got tangled up and he realized untangling it was indeed fun! Three decades later, Mick launched the game ‘Tangle Twister’ which went on to be one of his most successful games. One of his other famous creations – Sheepdog Pro boasts over 150,000 downloads challenging the user to guide a Sheep Dog’s flock safely through an increasingly dangerous range of obstacles.

In order to monetize his apps, Mick uses a mix of in-app purchasing and advertising. Talking about the biggest advantage while using’s one click monetization tool – AppWrapper Mick says, “Working with Vserv has been an advantageous experience for us. In Addition to the AppWrapper, which reduced our implementation efforts, having a dedicated individual for all our queries further reduced our development cycle”

Fact File
Name R.A.I Ltd
Location Brighton, England
Connect Website
Apps Play Store

Mick is determined to overcome his challenges on the marketing front by teaming up with a PR guru or a publisher that would help him change the course of his company in the coming months. We’re proud to support Mick’s hunger for success & fuel his ambitions to be listed amongst the top Mobile App Gaming companies.

See how simple it is to use the AppWrapper™ 

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Yogesh Kumawat (India) – Developer of The Week

It is popularly said that ideas are worth nothing unless executed. It is execution that matters! This is what separates the ‘doers’ from the ‘dreamers’. Gurgaon based Yogesh Kumawat is one such developer who never left any idea on the drawing board and implemented every idea he had, however absurd or simple it sounded. This passion to build something new led him to founding YGB Games.

Yogesh KumawatYogesh used to develop web based applications but was frustrated when he could not access the same on his mobile; hence he delved into App development. His initial foray into it was challenging as he wasn’t sure where to begin. Yogesh quickly addressed this issue and gained confidence by interacting with several experts at various App Development seminars and workshops. He is immensely passionate about Mobile and believes that it’s the future! With this ideology, Yogesh has been working on implementing several of his ideas and some of his popular ones include Chess Race, Full Form, Finding Ball, & Runner amongst others.

Fact File
Name Yogesh Kumawat
Location India
Connect Website, Twitter
Apps Play Store, Handster, Nokia Store

As an organization we have always backed young App entrepreneurs as we believe they push the mobile ecosystem forward.  On partnering with Vserv for monetizing his apps, Yogesh states, ”I tried using other ad networks, but revenues were very low. Vserv’s AppWrapper technology has not only increased my revenues significantly but also saved me a lot of development time. In addition, the folks at Vserv have been very professional and I look forward to being associated with them for all my future apps.”

His advice to fellow developers is to work hard, execute ideas and the results will follow. With future plans of expanding his App portfolio, we are sure Yogesh will be an inspiration to several App entrepreneurs. Here’s wishing him all the very best in his future endeavours.

See how simple it is to use the AppWrapper™ 

You feedback is always appreciated, please do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on TwitterGoogle+ or Facebook  .

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Hola Android Amigos!

We love Developers! That’s why you will always see us encouraging, supporting & empowering developers at just about every meetup, hackathon & conference we can attend globally. One of our favorites to attend is the Droidcon series, which offers a great platform to engage and connect with Android developers around the world. We recently attended the last one for the 2012 calendar year – the very first Droidcon Spain, held in Mucia.

As a special for our Amigos there, we had prepared an awesome AppWrapper demo video in Spanish – check it out: Continue reading

TechTree IT Services Pvt Ltd (India) – Developer of The Week

When you think of Bangalore, one of the first things that comes to you mind is the weather and greenery of the city. Bustling with tech startups and successful IT conglomerates, this garden city is India’s answer to Silicon Valley. Maybe there is something in the Bangalore air that inspires these tech enthusiasts to become global innovators. One such innovator is TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd.

TechTree- Vserv

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Chan Mun Kiat (Singapore) – Developer Of The Week


Dokuyi character

Being passionate about design, the team at Interactive Exchange Company founded their company in 2001 based on the love of crafting and animating cute & lovely characters.  They are the creators and owners of the Dokuyi characters. A natural evolution for these characters was going mobile. Thus their first game in 2009 was based on these characters. They carry their design philosophy over into their other games as well. Their games and apps bear their signature direction which merges simple additive utility and gameplay with art based graphics.

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Matias Ini (Argentina) – Developer Of The Week

30 years ago the world got introduced to the Commodore 64. A machine that enticed many young kids during its lifetime to become Software Developers, Hackers and geeks. When someone tells  us that they learnt development on the Commodore 64 (or any machine before it), they earn instant respect from us. We would like to remember Jack Tramiel & the Commodore 64 by featuring one of our developer partners who actually started programming on the Commodore 64. Matias Ini, or Mat as he is liked to be called, started programming games when he was 11 on his Commodore 64. With the love of computers in his heart, he completed his undergrad in Systems and later earned his Masters in Multimedia in Barcelona. From then onwards he has been building games across Web & Mobile.


Fact File
Name Matias Ini, Ingames
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Apps Nokia , Blackberry