Khaliph Young (USA) – Developer of the Week

Social media has redefined digital technology & blurred lines between tangible & intangible entities. It has entered classrooms; where professors are encouraging students to complete their assignments by connecting with people & brands on Twitter. Political campaigns & agendas are formed while interacting with people on social media. Khaliph Young a content strategist is one such player who has been finding ways to integrate social media with television, mobile & web in USA.Khaliph

With an experience of 25 years in production & new media, Khaliph has produced, managed and marketed content across internet, cable, VOD and mobile phones; nationally & internationally. When mobile content started getting comprehensive in 2004, Khaliph foresaw the need to start creating ring tones, wallpapers & even apps.

The main reason Young started developing & marketing his own apps was due to unpleasant encounters with mobile content distributors. Lack of transparency, poor management, bad marketing & packaging module; and most importantly the hefty fee attached to it made him re-think his strategy & take matters in his own hands. Khaliph hit some initial roadblocks when he was trying to find developers who understood the process of Ad SDK integration. He likes to make apps that are simple & driven with video content. His biggest success includes Volume TV that launched in August 2013 and was well received in Latin America & South-East Asia.

Since Mobile App Development is a recently entered venture, monetization is still a new process but Khaliph is quick in picking up the dynamics of this space. Telling us more about it, he elaborates, “For us, it is just the beginning to understand the process & how the ecosystem works. We have realized that it is better to have free apps and support it by mobile ads. We’re glad to begin working with Vserv for monetizing our apps as their monetization platform AppWrapper includes great ways to wrap our apps & most importantly save time on coding! Their customer service support is very sound. Kudos to their team for always educating me to understand this space in a better manner.”

Fact File
Name Khaliph Young
Location Detroit, USA
Connect Website, Facebook, LinkedIn
Apps Play Store

According to him; the current market trends indicate a need for more mobile content that will be absorbed in Emerging Markets. “Companies like Vserv make it easier for more developers to take the plunge and benefit from such emerging markets” he further added. Khaliph foresees a future where social media & mobile phones will define the way people communicate and he most certainly wants to be a part of this riding change; independently or otherwise.

It is our pleasure to enable Developers working out of Developed Markets who wish to tap Emerging Markets & widen their reach where we believe the next billion user-base will grow!

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RZ2 Games (India) – Developer of the Week

Known as a Mobile First Economy, India along with the other BRIC countries is poised to overtake US as the world’s largest smartphone market. From these developing countries, various skilled individuals have made their mark in countries including USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. This growth and demand for versatile technologists has pushed opportunities from bigger cities to smaller towns in India. One such company that is adding panache to the growing culture of technology in India is RZ2 Games – a video gaming development studio based out of the smaller beach-city of Goa in India.


RZ2 was founded 6 years back by a group of passionate app developers who loved playing & creating games. They wished to create a one-stop shop for unique gaming solutions in India. With a diverse and experienced team of Indian & International professionals, RZ2 is a full-blown company that provides all round gaming solutions from conceptualization to production. In a short span of time, RZ2 has garnered a reach of a million customers worldwide and are famous for developing games for various kinds of platforms across all major operating systems. Some of the most popular apps by RZ2 are Dragon Rider among Java Games, Boat Load for Android and Playboy Matchbook for iOS platform.

A team as motivated & enthusiastic as RZ2! Well it is our delight to support them in their app monetization journey. While sharing their experience about monetizing such a huge inventory, RZ2’s President Chris Whaley states “Vserv has indeed been a great partner to work with as it has helped us monetize a large chunk of our mobile games. Their app monetization tool ‘AppWrapper’ has saved us immense amount of time which ultimately helped us concentrate on other aspects of building & growing our games.”

Fact File
Name RZ2 Games
Location Goa, India
Connect Website
Apps Opera Store

Inspired by the social Gaming powerhouse ‘Zynga’, the team at RZ2 endorses the success mantra of ‘work till you get where you want to be’. With plans to develop unique & exceptional games in the coming months, we wish them all the luck & success in setting new benchmarks & achieving them.

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Educa Studio (Indonesia) – Developer of the Week

educastudio-teamIndonesia’s recent social media statistics are quite astounding! With more than 43 million Facebook accounts and 19 million Twitter users, Indonesia is Asia’s second most socially active nation (according to Indonesia New Digital Nation Report). This is quite a contrast as compared to the amount of technology consumed by the country today; many Indonesians are still discovering the various uses of mobile phones. While the country is still exploring its true potential, they’re also witnessing a strong digital and social media undercurrent. Focusing on that very undercurrent and testing its waters is Andi Taru Nugroho’s Educa Studio; a gaming development company targeting the education sector.

Educa Studio was established in 2011 with a vision to develop quality educational games across all platforms. In their initial days, Nugroho primarily aimed at churning out as many interactive mobile apps as they could. With each gaming app developed, they were determined to test their ability and improve their skills. They soon started paying attention to the market dynamics trying to zero in on their target audience and demand. One of his most popular game includes ‘Marbel Mengaji’ which has been downloaded by more than 500,000 users!

With regards to monetizing his apps, Nugroho uses a couple of networks but he highly relies on platforms like Vserv to garner the best result . While explaining why he opted for Vserv, Nugroho says, “ has been a great choice for us as it provides an amazing fill-rate for our apps. These are very important for a studio in an emerging market like ours as we use these ads as a revenue model.”

Fact File
Name Educa Studio
Location Indonesia
Connect WebsiteFacebook
Apps Play Store

Talking about people who inspire him, Nugroho looks up to Steve Jobs as his role model and wishes to build his business in a similar fashion. Nugroho is currently focussing on expanding Educa Studio to develop more apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. He also wants to gradually port versions of these apps online where more and more people can enjoy them. With Indonesia’s expanding mobile phone user market, we’re confident of Educa Studio making a strong mark in the future of  building interactive apps.

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BestAppsForAsha (Vietnam) – Developer of the Week

Vietnam is undoubtedly amongst the fastest growing Mobile App & Gaming destinations in the world. Increase in Smartphones sale (a growth of 50% as compared to last year!), strong 3G infrastructure, rise in gaming apps, compelling mobile content etc are factors that contributed in boosting the development of the Mobile App industry here.

According to our recent report on Mobile Internet Consumer – Southeast Asia 2013, over 1/3rd of mobile internet users in Vietnam are Students! Making the most of this boom is ‘BestAppForAsha’ – a company founded by a team of students who aspire to work in the growing Mobile App industry and seize the opportunities it has to offer.


Like most developers and publishers, ‘BestAppForAsha’ also faced a tough time when it came to monetizing their apps and discovered Vserv while resolving this problem. Their team states “We received great assistance from the team at Vserv and that inspired us to continue our association with them which made us see great results. Vserv’s AppWrapper is extremely easy to understand and is very efficient. The time it saved for a Startup like ours has been very instrumental in our journey of monetizing apps.”

Fact File
Name BestAppForAsha
Location Vietnam
Connect Facebook
Apps Nokia Ovi

‘Imagination is the key to Creativity’ – a thought this young and dynamic team endorses to achieve their dreams. Their ambition to become a BIG mobile software company in the future is an inspiring one for many other budding companies. We are pleased to work and associate with such a passionate & talented team in the mobile app space and wish them all the luck in their future ventures!

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Allan Mosiro (Kenya) – Developer of the Week

Kenya has witnessed a serious transition in the past 10 years – financially, culturally, politically and most importantly technologically. From establishing a successful & functional democracy; to being named the third most sought after tourist destination in Africa; to developing the most advanced financial apps, Kenya has definitely come a long way. Riding high on this evolution wave is Allan Mosiro, an upcoming App Developer & Mobile enthusiast.Allan Mosiro

Mosiro began his journey around two years back by developing basic visual apps and websites. It was when he was accidentally introduced to mobile programming by a friend that captured his interest immensely & provoked him to pursue Developing Apps. He went on to take up an advanced course at Emobilis on Mobile App Development that helped him learn, understand and use new platforms like j2me, Android and Windows. He soon established his own business venture, Technikol You, and began churning out mobile apps and websites. As of today, Mosiro is a publisher at the Ovi Store, Opera and Mobango; and has developed many apps like Cool Puzzle, Bubble Squash and Shark Invasion.

Mosiro’s biggest challenge so far has been monetizing his apps. After a year of working with various ad networks he stumbled upon Vserv. Mosiro states, “Working with has been the best choice so far as the revenues I have earned are a 100x better than what I witnessed with other ad networks! Monetizing my apps & games with the AppWrapper has been a wise decision & I look forward to receiving more benefits from this collaboration.”

Fact File
Name Allan Mosiro
Location Kenya, Nairobi
Connect Website
Apps Nokia Ovi, Opera, Mobango

Mosiro derives his inspiration and strength from Gaming companies like Hyperkani and Rovio who have continued to develop brilliant products in the market and set a benchmark for many more like him. We are sure Mosiro has an exciting future ahead of himself in this space & it is our pleasure to associate with such passionate developers. Here’s wishing him all the very best!

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Vserv AppWrapper bags mBillionth South Asia Award 2013

The team at Vserv has always been passionate about pushing the Mobile Ecosystem forward – it is the reason we exist.

As a leading Global Mobile Ad Network, our tremendous business growth has been recognized through numerous awards like MMA Smarties ‘Media Company of the Year’, Red Herring Top 100, Techcircle Fastrack amongst others. However, what makes winning the mBillionth award particularly special is that it recognizes our passion and efforts towards the movement of “mobile for the masses”.

The ‘mBillionth’ award for mobile innovators annually recognizes people across South Asia, who has shown exceptional courage and leadership in minimizing the digital divide and advocating the empowerment.

Vserv AppWrapper wins mBillionth

The Vserv AppWrapper won the mBillionth award for creating m-Infrastructure that makes it easy for developers & advertisers to effectively reach out to the masses and help grow the mobile advertising industry. The award emphasizes on how the Vserv AppWrapper brought “inclusiveness” to the space by creating a platform that can be used by stakeholders, both big & small, to quickly achieve their objectives.

Held in New Delhi on 18th July 2013, the mBillionth awards were honored by the presence of Tomi Ahonen (Author & Telecom Consultant, Hong Kong), Maya Makanjee (Vodacom Group, South Africa), Reshan Dewapura (ICTA, Sri lanka), Mohammad Chowdhury (PwC, India) amongst other dignitaries.

At, we are committed to enabling App Entrepreneurs achieve success, Mobile Marketers achieve their campaign objectives and Consumers enjoying the most amazing Apps! Here’s thanking all our partners across the globe for using our innovative AppWrapper platform and making it the ‘change driver’ that it has become today.

GameHD (Vietnam) – Developer of the Week

Vietnam is amongst those countries where mobile phone ownership is even higher as compared to developed markets, coming in at 90%! Global companies looking for the next ‘low cost technology outsourcing’ opportunity are flocking to Vietnam, which compared to India or China, attracts 40% less IT labor costs & has a rapidly growing USD $2.3 billion dollar software and digital content industry. Leveraging Vietnam’s large population & high penetration of Mobile & Internet, Game HD, a sub-brand of B-Gate Corp, tries to belt out some of the most innovative and interesting games in this market.


Game HD was founded in 2011 with the sole purpose of developing fascinating & innovative games; much away from the mainstream kinds! Despite the classic startup challenges, GameHD garnered success with its popular creations like Porio, Volleyball, Sky War, Fish Frenzy & such other quirky, yet highly addictive games. GameHD is a self-motivated team with a dream of becoming one of the largest Gaming Mobile App Developers & endeavors to entertain their audience with the quality mobile app games!

Talking about their experience with us, the team at GameHD say, “ has helped us see an exponential growth in our fill rates which was a challenging part for us earlier. The high eCPMs & fill rate powered by Vserv’s AppWrapper technology enabled us to reach & maintain much higher revenues! Working with them has made our life simple!”

Fact File
Name GameHD
Location Hanoi, Vietnam
Connect Website
Apps Play Store

GameHD draws its inspiration from innovative products built in the market by Rovio, & Popcap’s of the world. Their advice to budding developers is to come up with creative products that would help them build a strong foundation in their app journey. We wish the GameHD team all the very best for their future and hope they stay true to their motto of “Creation Nonstop”.

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It’s no secret that we absolutely love the mobile ecosystem!

One of the biggest pillars of this ecosystem are developers – and we believe that recognizing their innovation and skills goes a long way towards supporting their success. Initiatives like our Developer of the Week, Appfest Hackathon Prize sponsorship, Developer Dollars etc are great examples of how Vserv has contributed towards helping the developer ecosystem grow.

Today, we are happy to announce our new developer initiative to turbo charge the Developer ecosystem in Southeast Asia. We are launching a new Prize Fund of $100,000 for developers participating in the Rock Star Dev 2013 in Indonesia.

Rock Star Dev 2013 is an exciting conference & competition that will take place on 3rd July in Depok, Indonesia. Our very own David Yin, General Manager for Developer Alliances at will be sharing his thoughts on ‘App Monetization – 4 Secrets to Success’ & is also one of the esteemed judges for Rock Star Dev 2013’s competition.

To further boost the recognition that this event brings to the developer community, our new $100,000 prize fund for Rock Star Dev 2013 will allow 10 Top Developers, who start working with us to monetize their Apps, to win a bonus of upto $10,000 per developer! In addition, all developers who sign up from the event are eligible for earning an extra $100 by using our Developer Dollar.

Here is how it works:

1. All developers attending Rock Star Dev 2013 are eligible to participate for this prize fund

2. To enter this competition, developers must visit the booth at Rock Star Dev 2013 to inform us your email id and then sign up using our special Developer Dollar code.

3. Developers can then use our AppWrapper to enable ads on their Apps – at our booth or any time later. Once wrapped, these Apps can be put on App Stores or any other means for distribution to end users.

4. Over the next 27 days after the event, we will closely monitor revenues from all developers who registered at Rock Star Dev 2013, and on 31st July we will announce the Top 10 Developers by revenue.

5. These Top 10 developers will get a BONUS PRIZE equivalent to their earning in July 2013 – upto a maximum bonus of $10,000

For example -

a. If a Developer makes $6,000 – he/she would stand a chance to win a bonus prize of $6,000.

b. If a Developer makes $12,000 – he/she would stand a chance to win a bonus prize of $10,000.

6. All developers outside the Top 10 will get the Developer Dollar bonus of $100 when they cross $100 in earnings.

If you are a developer attending Rock Star Dev – make sure you take part in this – it could change your outlook to App Monetization. Follow us on Twitter @vservmobi to keep yourself updated about this event!

Qeep (Germany) – Developer of the Week

Germany has always been at the forefront of innovation & technology. However when it comes to social networking, Germans seem to be more cautious with only one in three having a Facebook account. But while Facebook isn’t the biggest buzzword in their market, there seems to be plenty of local competition from unique social networking platforms in Germany. One such social mobile app is – Qeep. They began their journey in Germany 7 years ago, and have spread across the globe with soaring numbers!

Cologne based Christian Schulte & Cornelius Rost got together and founded Blue Lion Company to develop & market Qeep.  Born out of a simple idea to connect users, it has today become a social network for mobile phones meant to meet new people, chat, share pics & even play games together. Qeep today boasts of more than 20 million registered users with around 25000 new users joining them everyday! While their initial release was only in German, English versions were issued quickly & it is now available in 6 languages! Qeep has become extremely popular in emerging markets like India & Brazil.

We are extremely proud to work with the team at Qeep to monetize their vast user base. Sharing their monetization success, the Qeep team says – “Qeep is monetized through adverts and in-app purchases of virtual items and premium features. Vserv delivers high quality campaigns for our global traffic, thus improving our monetization and enabling us to build a better user experience.”

Fact File
Name Qeep
Location Cologne, Germany
Connect Website, Twitter, Facebook
Apps Play Store. Nokia Store, Amazon, Opera Store

With a team of 20 dedicated developers and marketers, Schulte and Rost strive to bring newer & more interesting elements to Qeep everyday. Their advice to fellow developers is to – not underestimate the install base of feature phones and have an excellent product that offers a smooth rich user experience on all targeted devices, not only the top notch models.

Here’s wishing the team at Blue Lion Mobile great success, to make Qeep better every day, make it bigger every day, and connect more people around the globe.

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Evans Ndegwa (Kenya) – Developer of the Week

Within a week’s travel in the African continent, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was impressed enough to say “Nairobi has emerged as a serious tech hub and may become the African leader.”

Nicknamed as the Silicon Savannah of Africa, this tech hub of Africa has made a mark on the global digital map by witnessing a tremendous tech boom in the recent years, largely due to the success of the famous M-Pesa and Ushahidi apps. Evans Ndegwa with his team at Muva, a web & mobile development company, are trying to make a mark in the digital revolution engulfing Nairobi today.

Evans earned his Masters Degree in Mobile Telecommunication and Innovation & is passionate about how mobile devices are being put to various uses – Entertainment, Information, Payment of Bills etc. He began his journey in the mobile app space during the 2007-08 election chaos. Concerned about the situation of his country, he was motivated to create an app ‘Photos 4 Peace’ – where the Power of Mobile as a platform was leveraged & the app now has more than 350,000 downloads across several stores! This led him to founding Muva, which today undertakes mobile development contracts to create free or paid apps and games for clients. Some of the other popular apps developed by Evans and his team include Kenya @ a Glance, Smart-Shop and Shopping List amongst others.

Speaking on his experience about AppWrapper (our patent pending – “One Click” App Monetization platform), Evans expresses, “AppWrapper gave us a good start as our existing apps didn’t include ads on it. To avoid coding them again, Vserv helped us wrap them & re-upload it to the stores which became our primary source of revenue. I’d highly recommend AppWrapper for developers like us who are time & effort conscious.”

Fact File
Name Muva
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Connect Website, Twitter
Apps Play Store. Nokia Store, Blackberry World, Opera Store

Inspired by the success of gaming giants like Rovio & Fruit Ninja, Evans plans to develop apps that would possess high degree of virality. An interesting piece of advice he’d like to share with his peers “Set ambitious goals & work towards achieving them. And just like Rovio saw its big day before its 52nd version of Angry Birds, you might have your day too!”

With plans to develop fun & educative games /apps that would reach a global audience, Evans passion to compete with the likes of Rovio is worth noting. It’s always a great joy, to see developers, live their dream in today’s flat ‘App’ified world, where one’s growth is only limited by their imagination.

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