Here’s why this Indian ad exchange with clients in 200 countries just pivoted

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new telecosNot so long ago, an ad exchange connecting marketers, advertisers, and publishers with mobile users was the hot new thing. There was no bigger news in late 2012 than social network Facebook kicking off its own ad exchange, FBX, to monetize its millions of users.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Vserv, one of the leading mobile ad exchanges from India, has just pivoted. “We have repositioned ourselves as a smart data led mobile marketing company. Now, we deliver smart data led results to marketers,” says Dippak Khurana, co-founder and CEO of Vserv, in an exclusive chat with Tech in Asia.

For this, Vserv has partnered with key telecom companies across emerging markets – from Vodafone, Airtel, and Aircel in India to Globe in the Philippines, Indosat in Indonesia, and MobiFone in Vietnam.

“We are the world’s first and only company to partner with telcos this way,” Khurana says.

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Our CEO on the Value of Recruiting


Entrepreneurship has changed its meaning in the last few years. Within the digital industry, it is imperative for most start-ups to have a CEO who promotes entrepreneurship & who endorses the need for wearing the HR hat in the company’s beginning years. Here’s a fantastic article on how our CEO Dippak Khurana drives the company on the talent front and the need to create internal brand ambassadors. Click here to read the entire article & below is an excerpt from the same:

LinkedIn Blog Dippak Vserv

What’s a piece of advice you’d like to share with your peers?

You never know when you are going to be meet someone who could be your next hire. Have your recruiting hat on at all times.

As we walk out of Vserv, we can’t help but notice that this beautifully designed office is full of energetic digital natives completely in their element and as driven as Dippak. This is real-life testament to the results a CEO can achieve when he prioritizes talent for his company.

Our key takeaways from the conversation with Dippak are:

  • Plan for the future. Have pipeline of relevant talent lined up before the need arises.
  • When it comes to prioritizing talent, the CEO should lead from the front.
  • Leverage your employees as your talent brand ambassadors

Our Co-founders featured on CNBC TV 18 – Young Turks

Well as they say, hard-work always pays. The effort put in by the young and dynamic team at has helped us grow exponentially over the last year. Impressed by our growth, CNBC TV 18′s highly popular show ‘Young Turks’ featured our 2 Co-Founders, Dippak Khurana & Ashay Padwal.

Here is the complete interview showcasing our incredible journey:

We love to Party!

We usually don’t need a reason to party, but when it’s your birthday – you gotta turn it up a notch!

To celebrate 2 years of Vserv, we kicked off the celebrations in style – at the Sol Lounge of Mirador boutique hotel in Mumbai. Groovy music, funky hairdos, free flowing drinks, exciting fun games – it was a ton of fun and we have posted some photos below.

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The key trends in Mobile Advertising for India in 2012

(This piece was first contributed by Dippak Khurana, Founder and CEO, to Indiadigitalreview)

With device proliferation and explosion in application development and usage, 2011 saw the mobile medium becoming more favourable to advertising ecosystem at large. As we are on the cusp of 2012, here are some of Vserv’s top line views on how the new year will shape up for mobile advertising as an industry and the trends that will take centre stage. Continue reading