Vaishali Rawat (India) – Developer of the Week

Pune is being touted as the next upcoming tech hub of India. With a strong entrepreneurial culture, availability of new technology resources, presence of a large youth demographic and an ability to absorb an oncoming influx of IT parks – Pune has great potential to grow & emerge as a India’s financial mega-city.  In fact, a lot of big players from the IT industry are already moving their base to Pune. One such dynamic personality who is also our first Woman Developer of the Week is Vaishali Rawat.

Vaishali - VISA Photo

A young publisher, app developer and most importantly – a woman entrepreneur, Vaishali is certainly making a strong presence felt in the Indian mobile app ecosystem. A Nokia Developer Champion (2013-14), Vaishali began her career by building enterprise apps for a Delhi based company which catered to the aviation industry & soon switched to make commercial apps. Inspite of this shift in the app development process, the idea of catering to a larger audience instead of one organization excited her the most. The change required her to emphasize more on UX and functionality where she learnt different concepts & started developing commercial mobile apps. Today Vaishali is an associate consultant at a Pune based MNC with an agenda to develop quality utility apps that help people in their everyday lives. Some of her popular apps include PNR Status for the Indian Railways & Age Calculator.

Monetization is a crucial element for all App Developers who are keen to generate more revenue & make it a sustainable process. Unhappy with the earlier Ad Network which delivered low fill rates & needed her to get into the nitty gritties of coding, Vaishali was looking for a simple yet robust monetization solution for her apps. On switching to Vserv’s one click monetization tool ‘AppWrapper’, Rawat says “The biggest advantage Vserv offers is its easy interface which saves your time on coding & development thus providing a sound business model for monetizing apps. Shifting to Vserv has indeed been a wise decision.”

Fact File
Name Vaishali Rawat
Location Pune
Connect Facebook, Twitter
Apps Windows Store

Vaishali draws encouragement from her huge network of Nokia Developer Champion colleagues, fellow publishers and app developers. Their inspirational stories always give her a new dimension to work on. For now; Vaishali wants to challenge herself to develop newer & better apps. We at Vserv are proud to support Vaishali’s ambition to achieve more success & be listed amongst the top Mobile App Developers in India!

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch “Break the Brick” – Smart Campaign of the Month


World’s #1 Android Smartphone maker, ‘Samsung’ has produced some of the finest range of mobile devices over the last few years. It’s Galaxy S series has emerged as a leading choice for smartphone lovers since its inception in 2010. To continue evolving the Galaxy S series, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 – which aimed to be the most advanced smartphone in the market.  Samsung wanted an innovative way to engage its users in India during the launch of the Galaxy S4.


To reveal Samsung Galaxy S4 features on a rich media ad that would involve user interaction & in turn deliver the brand message.

Samsung Galaxy S4


To build on curiosity levels around the S4 launch, Vserv decided to convey its key features by adopting the popular & commonly played game – ‘Break the Brick’. The concept was to allow users to play the game, and as they would break each brick, the key features of the Galaxy S4 would get revealed. This would help users discover a new world of companionship that the Samsung Galaxy S4 offered, in a fun context. The campaign’s creative was built on a Rich Media Ad (HTML5) & key features of the Galaxy S4 like Drama Shot, Smart Pause/Smart Scroll, Air Control etc were highlighted as each brick broke. To reach the right target audience, targeted the ads on it’s premium AppWrapper inventory, that provides full screen ads at launch and exit of 20,000+ Apps! Thus reaching an evolved audience of App users in the right context and in a clutter-free environment. Being a HTML5 creative, it was also fully compatible to run on the Mobile Web inventory of the network.


Mobile allows advertisers to move beyond just showings ads, and to allow users to interact & engage with the brand in an innovative manner. Converting the key brand message onto a game, Samsung leveraged Vserv’s powerful rich media platform to create a user experience with cross platform presence quickly. The campaign allowed Samsung to reach a very targeted audience of 1,476,309 unique users with over 6,488,046 impressions. A whopping 90% of these users played the same game twice which created a higher brand recall.

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Nextwave Multimedia (India) – Developer Of The Week

During the 1990’s, India witnessed a boom in the IT Services sector, with many companies leveraging the amazing IT skills of the Indian workforce, to service Information Technology needs of international clients. While a lot of them aspired to become “Product companies” – the challenges of the PC ecosystem, like long development cycles & lack of a global distribution platform, prevented many of these companies from achieving that aspiration. The dawn of the new “Mobile App” era changed those paradigms, and offered amazing new opportunities to create products that would be used by millions of consumers around the world. Nextwave Multimedia is one such company that truly leveraged this opportunity to make this transition.

NextWave Muktimedia

Chennai based Nextwave Multimedia was born in 1995 as a services company, but has over the years evolved – leveraging digital media technology to deliver outstanding Communication, Learning and Entertainment. Nextwave’s CEO Rajendran PR foresaw the global ‘Mobile App Boom’ & took this as an opportunity to transition into a product company. Executing on that vision, they developed popular apps like Comics Head, Battle of Chepauk, Speed Racer and World Cricket Championship.

Sharing his experience Rajendran says, “We actually discovered the Advertising based monetization model through Vserv. Their AppWrapper platform provided a robust business model for our App Monetization strategy. Ad monetization through Vserv continues to be our main source of revenue and we love the timely support their team provides.”

Fact File
Name Nextwave Multimedia
Location Chennai, India
Connect Website, Twitter
Apps Play Store. Nokia Store, iTunes

Nextwave plans to launch some fascinating products this year, and is working with leading mobile companies to pre-load its content & services on millions of devices in India. We wish the team at Nextwave great success, and hope they continue to inspire other IT Service companies to take the leap towards creating great products!

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Yogesh Kumawat (India) – Developer of The Week

It is popularly said that ideas are worth nothing unless executed. It is execution that matters! This is what separates the ‘doers’ from the ‘dreamers’. Gurgaon based Yogesh Kumawat is one such developer who never left any idea on the drawing board and implemented every idea he had, however absurd or simple it sounded. This passion to build something new led him to founding YGB Games.

Yogesh KumawatYogesh used to develop web based applications but was frustrated when he could not access the same on his mobile; hence he delved into App development. His initial foray into it was challenging as he wasn’t sure where to begin. Yogesh quickly addressed this issue and gained confidence by interacting with several experts at various App Development seminars and workshops. He is immensely passionate about Mobile and believes that it’s the future! With this ideology, Yogesh has been working on implementing several of his ideas and some of his popular ones include Chess Race, Full Form, Finding Ball, & Runner amongst others.

Fact File
Name Yogesh Kumawat
Location India
Connect Website, Twitter
Apps Play Store, Handster, Nokia Store

As an organization we have always backed young App entrepreneurs as we believe they push the mobile ecosystem forward.  On partnering with Vserv for monetizing his apps, Yogesh states, ”I tried using other ad networks, but revenues were very low. Vserv’s AppWrapper technology has not only increased my revenues significantly but also saved me a lot of development time. In addition, the folks at Vserv have been very professional and I look forward to being associated with them for all my future apps.”

His advice to fellow developers is to work hard, execute ideas and the results will follow. With future plans of expanding his App portfolio, we are sure Yogesh will be an inspiration to several App entrepreneurs. Here’s wishing him all the very best in his future endeavours.

See how simple it is to use the AppWrapper™ 

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TechTree IT Services Pvt Ltd (India) – Developer of The Week

When you think of Bangalore, one of the first things that comes to you mind is the weather and greenery of the city. Bustling with tech startups and successful IT conglomerates, this garden city is India’s answer to Silicon Valley. Maybe there is something in the Bangalore air that inspires these tech enthusiasts to become global innovators. One such innovator is TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd.

TechTree- Vserv

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Twist Mobile (India) – Developer of the Week


Virat Kutal

It takes a lot to be successful. It takes a lot more if you have had no formal training in the field you are trying to disrupt.

Fact File
Name Twist Mobile
Location India
Connect Website, Facebook
Apps Ovi Store

One such entrepreneur is Virat Khutal founder of Twist Mobile , a game development house based out of Indore, India. Like Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder of Instagram, Virat has not had formal training in software development. He graduated from IPS Academy in 2002 with a degree in Architecture. He always dreamt of building a product company for consumers, specifically the common man, someone working at the coffee shop around the corner, a waiter in a restaurant, someone who’s life is powered by circumstances on a day to day basis. He wanted his dream company to have high quality focussed differentiators. To chase his dream he started Twist Mobile in 2009 with a team of 4 people. Twist Mobile has now grown into a  50 people company, with offices in Indore and Singapore. They recently secured series A funding from Matrix Partners . Virat plans to scale the company to 120 employees and is planning to setup an office in Vietnam. Their growth has been amazing, even Nokia recognizes them as important developer partners. Continue reading

Ramizuddin Shaikh (India) – Developer of the Week

In his 2005 Stanford commencement address, Steve Jobs said :

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be  truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do  great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

ramizuddin shaikh vservThis is the story of one such developer partner Ramizuddin Shaikh. His love of computers led him to pursue a computer science degree. Early on in his course he developed a few utilities, but it did not feel like his calling. He then tried his hand at building a simple 2D game and fell in love with game development. What fascinated him most about game development, was the freedom to make his own rules for it. It provided him a platform to dream & create without any boundaries.

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