Jollybox (Czech Republic)- Developer of The Week

Jollybox-VservOld school thinkers believe that one should work their way up in a job, gain experience and then when one is completely seasoned, venture into starting a business. If every company followed this approach, Facebook & Google would not have existed. Times have definitely changed, the trend is to get started as soon as you have an idea, the earlier the better. Back in 2007, Petr Medek, a student based in Czech Republic had the same thought. He was working on an academic project, a dictionary app, and soon realized that it was more than just a student project. While building this app he was consumed by the process of creating something new and decided that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Petr took the entrepreneurial plunge and founded Jollybox in 2007 with a focus on developing software for feature phones on the J2ME platform. Continue reading

Valeriy Skachko (Ukraine) – Developer Of The Week

valeriy-skachko-vservGrowth of a country’s GDP is a barometer of the country’s prosperity. The mobile ecosystem is now contributing significantly to the growth of a nation. As Ukraine came out of the recession during the last two years, its Mobile penetration to grew from 112% to 118%.

The other factor which supports the growth of a country, is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are the life blood of an economy, as they innovate, create opportunities for growth, create new jobs and new sources of income. In fact many countries are trying to promote entrepreneurship by passing laws that support it. Continue reading