HeroCraft (Russia)- Developer of The Week

2002 was a notable year in the history of Russia. Russia won 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze medals at the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, USA. The Russian dance duo t.A.T.u had topped the European pop charts. In the same year, a large meteorite crashed in the Vitim river basin in Siberia. While all this was happening, 5 young students were busy living their dream of developing mobile games. We are talking about HeroCraft, a mobile game development company that was started in 2002 in Kaliningrad, Russia


Pavel Prokonich-CEO, HeroCraft

Most great success stories have humble beginnings. HeroCraft was no different. Back in 2002, Java development posed a whole host of problems, from 100kb file size limits, to device fragmentation coupled with the walled-garden approach of operators towards e-commerce. There were plenty of technical challenges and roadblocks along the way, but none strong enough to break the resolve of the HeroCraft team towards game development. The team was convinced that mobile game development was the future & their belief soon bore fruit. With the advent of Android & iPhone devices, their business took off and since then it has been an incredible journey. HeroCraft recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on 17th Dec. Today, they employ over 100 passionate employees in offices across Europe and have just moved into a brand new office. HeroCraft  enjoys ‘Top Developer’ status on Google Play and is a ‘Top 5′ Nokia Store Publisher having racked up more than 50 million downloads. Continue reading

Practical Advice to Monetize Apps

Most App developers want to know what is the best approach to monetizing their apps. Our Head – Global Marketing, Binay Tiwari shares his insights on App Monetization, in an interview with The Hindu at the inaugural IAMAI AppFest 2012 event held in Hydrebad

Here are the excerpts:

Hindu- Vserv

How to succeed financially from apps?

There are two options for earning through apps. First is to offer free apps and then monetize them by placing ads. The second is that those who have downloaded the free app should be given an option to upgrade to a premium services. By following this middle path, developers can reach wider audience. Continue reading

Hola Android Amigos!

We love Developers! That’s why you will always see us encouraging, supporting & empowering developers at just about every meetup, hackathon & conference we can attend globally. One of our favorites to attend is the Droidcon series, which offers a great platform to engage and connect with Android developers around the world. We recently attended the last one for the 2012 calendar year – the very first Droidcon Spain, held in Mucia.

As a special for our Amigos there, we had prepared an awesome AppWrapper demo video in Spanish – check it out: Continue reading

Sola Interactive (Indonesia)- Developer of The Week

Vserv-Sola Interactive

It’s a great time to be a kid. With computing technology becoming more personal & affordable with each passing day, kids today have the privilege of observing, learning and consuming everything in an immersive interactive environment. Kids today are digital natives and are growing up in a completely different era. Indonesia based Sola Interactive recognized this huge opportunity and started their company in 2008 to serve this new market by developing animation, books and interactive flash games for kids. Continue reading

Dippak Khurana: Mobile Media Professional Of The Year

2012 is almost over, but we still are going full throttle! Our CEO & Co-Founder, Dippak Khurana, has bagged the Mobby’s award for ‘Mobile Media Professional Of The Year’!


The shortlist for this prestigious award included business leaders across the mobile ecosystem. The finalists were evaluated on parameters such as key leadership achievements, innovation, quality of management and execution of strategy. Continue reading

Marketers will have to learn fast

In a recent interview with Pitch Magazine, Dippak Khurana, our MD & CEO, spoke about how Vserv wants to become the No 1 player in emerging markets, in the next two years. Dippak also shared his thoughts on which way mobile advertising is heading. Excerpts:


What are the trends that you see in the mobile ad network today?
The mobile ecosystem in India, currently, is highly fragmented with app developers and publishers. So the content creation for these millions of users is done by a variety of independent developers – small and media enterprises to large media houses. Because of massive fragmentation of content creation, the role of the ad network in this ecosystem has gained significant importance. As an ad network, I can consolidate an audience, which is spread across multiple apps and multiple publishers. We create various audience profiles and segments and over and above that from a technology point of view, the ad network apart from consolidating this fragmentation, brings in the layer of superior targeting and superior technology. Continue reading

Glocal is the way ahead

Mobile Advertising has become the hot topic of discussion at various conferences and meeting rooms of large companies and agencies. As marketers still take cautious steps in this shift from traditional to digital, Vikas Gulati, VP South East Asia, Vserv.mobi in a recent article published by Singapore Business Review, throws some light on why marketers should embrace mobile as a medium and what kind of approach they should adopt.

Here are the excerpts from the article. Continue reading