Vserv AppWrapper bags mBillionth South Asia Award 2013

The team at Vserv has always been passionate about pushing the Mobile Ecosystem forward – it is the reason we exist.

As a leading Global Mobile Ad Network, our tremendous business growth has been recognized through numerous awards like MMA Smarties ‘Media Company of the Year’, Red Herring Top 100, Techcircle Fastrack amongst others. However, what makes winning the mBillionth award particularly special is that it recognizes our passion and efforts towards the movement of “mobile for the masses”.

The ‘mBillionth’ award for mobile innovators annually recognizes people across South Asia, who has shown exceptional courage and leadership in minimizing the digital divide and advocating the empowerment.

Vserv AppWrapper wins mBillionth

The Vserv AppWrapper won the mBillionth award for creating m-Infrastructure that makes it easy for developers & advertisers to effectively reach out to the masses and help grow the mobile advertising industry. The award emphasizes on how the Vserv AppWrapper brought “inclusiveness” to the space by creating a platform that can be used by stakeholders, both big & small, to quickly achieve their objectives.

Held in New Delhi on 18th July 2013, the mBillionth awards were honored by the presence of Tomi Ahonen (Author & Telecom Consultant, Hong Kong), Maya Makanjee (Vodacom Group, South Africa), Reshan Dewapura (ICTA, Sri lanka), Mohammad Chowdhury (PwC, India) amongst other dignitaries.

At Vserv.mobi, we are committed to enabling App Entrepreneurs achieve success, Mobile Marketers achieve their campaign objectives and Consumers enjoying the most amazing Apps! Here’s thanking all our partners across the globe for using our innovative AppWrapper platform and making it the ‘change driver’ that it has become today.

Qeep (Germany) – Developer of the Week

Germany has always been at the forefront of innovation & technology. However when it comes to social networking, Germans seem to be more cautious with only one in three having a Facebook account. But while Facebook isn’t the biggest buzzword in their market, there seems to be plenty of local competition from unique social networking platforms in Germany. One such social mobile app is – Qeep. They began their journey in Germany 7 years ago, and have spread across the globe with soaring numbers!

Cologne based Christian Schulte & Cornelius Rost got together and founded Blue Lion Company to develop & market Qeep.  Born out of a simple idea to connect users, it has today become a social network for mobile phones meant to meet new people, chat, share pics & even play games together. Qeep today boasts of more than 20 million registered users with around 25000 new users joining them everyday! While their initial release was only in German, English versions were issued quickly & it is now available in 6 languages! Qeep has become extremely popular in emerging markets like India & Brazil.

We are extremely proud to work with the team at Qeep to monetize their vast user base. Sharing their monetization success, the Qeep team says – “Qeep is monetized through adverts and in-app purchases of virtual items and premium features. Vserv delivers high quality campaigns for our global traffic, thus improving our monetization and enabling us to build a better user experience.”

Fact File
Name Qeep
Location Cologne, Germany
Connect Website, Twitter, Facebook
Apps Play Store. Nokia Store, Amazon, Opera Store

With a team of 20 dedicated developers and marketers, Schulte and Rost strive to bring newer & more interesting elements to Qeep everyday. Their advice to fellow developers is to – not underestimate the install base of feature phones and have an excellent product that offers a smooth rich user experience on all targeted devices, not only the top notch models.

Here’s wishing the team at Blue Lion Mobile great success, to make Qeep better every day, make it bigger every day, and connect more people around the globe.

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Nextwave Multimedia (India) – Developer Of The Week

During the 1990’s, India witnessed a boom in the IT Services sector, with many companies leveraging the amazing IT skills of the Indian workforce, to service Information Technology needs of international clients. While a lot of them aspired to become “Product companies” – the challenges of the PC ecosystem, like long development cycles & lack of a global distribution platform, prevented many of these companies from achieving that aspiration. The dawn of the new “Mobile App” era changed those paradigms, and offered amazing new opportunities to create products that would be used by millions of consumers around the world. Nextwave Multimedia is one such company that truly leveraged this opportunity to make this transition.

NextWave Muktimedia

Chennai based Nextwave Multimedia was born in 1995 as a services company, but has over the years evolved – leveraging digital media technology to deliver outstanding Communication, Learning and Entertainment. Nextwave’s CEO Rajendran PR foresaw the global ‘Mobile App Boom’ & took this as an opportunity to transition into a product company. Executing on that vision, they developed popular apps like Comics Head, Battle of Chepauk, Speed Racer and World Cricket Championship.

Sharing his experience Rajendran says, “We actually discovered the Advertising based monetization model through Vserv. Their AppWrapper platform provided a robust business model for our App Monetization strategy. Ad monetization through Vserv continues to be our main source of revenue and we love the timely support their team provides.”

Fact File
Name Nextwave Multimedia
Location Chennai, India
Connect Website, Twitter
Apps Play Store. Nokia Store, iTunes

Nextwave plans to launch some fascinating products this year, and is working with leading mobile companies to pre-load its content & services on millions of devices in India. We wish the team at Nextwave great success, and hope they continue to inspire other IT Service companies to take the leap towards creating great products!

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Jollybox (Czech Republic)- Developer of The Week

Jollybox-VservOld school thinkers believe that one should work their way up in a job, gain experience and then when one is completely seasoned, venture into starting a business. If every company followed this approach, Facebook & Google would not have existed. Times have definitely changed, the trend is to get started as soon as you have an idea, the earlier the better. Back in 2007, Petr Medek, a student based in Czech Republic had the same thought. He was working on an academic project, a dictionary app, and soon realized that it was more than just a student project. While building this app he was consumed by the process of creating something new and decided that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Petr took the entrepreneurial plunge and founded Jollybox in 2007 with a focus on developing software for feature phones on the J2ME platform. Continue reading

Mobile Advertising trends that will rule 2013


We were right on the money when we predicted the key mobile advertising trends in 2012. As consumers rapidly adopt mobile, here are the Top 5 trends that our CEO Dippak Khurana feels will drive Mobile Advertising and take centre stage in 2013: Continue reading

HeroCraft (Russia)- Developer of The Week

2002 was a notable year in the history of Russia. Russia won 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze medals at the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, USA. The Russian dance duo t.A.T.u had topped the European pop charts. In the same year, a large meteorite crashed in the Vitim river basin in Siberia. While all this was happening, 5 young students were busy living their dream of developing mobile games. We are talking about HeroCraft, a mobile game development company that was started in 2002 in Kaliningrad, Russia


Pavel Prokonich-CEO, HeroCraft

Most great success stories have humble beginnings. HeroCraft was no different. Back in 2002, Java development posed a whole host of problems, from 100kb file size limits, to device fragmentation coupled with the walled-garden approach of operators towards e-commerce. There were plenty of technical challenges and roadblocks along the way, but none strong enough to break the resolve of the HeroCraft team towards game development. The team was convinced that mobile game development was the future & their belief soon bore fruit. With the advent of Android & iPhone devices, their business took off and since then it has been an incredible journey. HeroCraft recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on 17th Dec. Today, they employ over 100 passionate employees in offices across Europe and have just moved into a brand new office. HeroCraft  enjoys ‘Top Developer’ status on Google Play and is a ‘Top 5′ Nokia Store Publisher having racked up more than 50 million downloads. Continue reading

Practical Advice to Monetize Apps

Most App developers want to know what is the best approach to monetizing their apps. Our Head – Global Marketing, Binay Tiwari shares his insights on App Monetization, in an interview with The Hindu at the inaugural IAMAI AppFest 2012 event held in Hydrebad

Here are the excerpts:

Hindu- Vserv

How to succeed financially from apps?

There are two options for earning through apps. First is to offer free apps and then monetize them by placing ads. The second is that those who have downloaded the free app should be given an option to upgrade to a premium services. By following this middle path, developers can reach wider audience. Continue reading

Born2Win Technologies (India)- Developer of The Week

Winning is a habit, once you start you just don’t want to stop.

Born2Win was founded in 2008 by Vishwas Dwivedi. His initial exposure to mobile was at Astute Systems, a Mobile VAS company . Having honed his skills at Astute, he decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge. Born2Win’s goal was to become a successful player in the Mobile VAS domain. Having successfully done that they decided that it was time to expand to the next frontier. The team at Born2Win identified that mobile operators were looking for breakthrough apps to be showcased on their app store! Realizing that this as a great opportunity to diversify their offerings, they plunged into mobile app development. Continue reading

Hola Android Amigos!

We love Developers! That’s why you will always see us encouraging, supporting & empowering developers at just about every meetup, hackathon & conference we can attend globally. One of our favorites to attend is the Droidcon series, which offers a great platform to engage and connect with Android developers around the world. We recently attended the last one for the 2012 calendar year – the very first Droidcon Spain, held in Mucia.

As a special for our Amigos there, we had prepared an awesome AppWrapper demo video in Spanish – check it out: Continue reading