Glocal is the way ahead

Mobile Advertising has become the hot topic of discussion at various conferences and meeting rooms of large companies and agencies. As marketers still take cautious steps in this shift from traditional to digital, Vikas Gulati, VP South East Asia, in a recent article published by Singapore Business Review, throws some light on why marketers should embrace mobile as a medium and what kind of approach they should adopt.

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Chan Mun Kiat (Singapore) – Developer Of The Week


Dokuyi character

Being passionate about design, the team at Interactive Exchange Company founded their company in 2001 based on the love of crafting and animating cute & lovely characters.  They are the creators and owners of the Dokuyi characters. A natural evolution for these characters was going mobile. Thus their first game in 2009 was based on these characters. They carry their design philosophy over into their other games as well. Their games and apps bear their signature direction which merges simple additive utility and gameplay with art based graphics.

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