Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch “Break the Brick” – Smart Campaign of the Month


World’s #1 Android Smartphone maker, ‘Samsung’ has produced some of the finest range of mobile devices over the last few years. It’s Galaxy S series has emerged as a leading choice for smartphone lovers since its inception in 2010. To continue evolving the Galaxy S series, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 – which aimed to be the most advanced smartphone in the market.  Samsung wanted an innovative way to engage its users in India during the launch of the Galaxy S4.


To reveal Samsung Galaxy S4 features on a rich media ad that would involve user interaction & in turn deliver the brand message.

Samsung Galaxy S4


To build on curiosity levels around the S4 launch, Vserv decided to convey its key features by adopting the popular & commonly played game – ‘Break the Brick’. The concept was to allow users to play the game, and as they would break each brick, the key features of the Galaxy S4 would get revealed. This would help users discover a new world of companionship that the Samsung Galaxy S4 offered, in a fun context. The campaign’s creative was built on a Rich Media Ad (HTML5) & key features of the Galaxy S4 like Drama Shot, Smart Pause/Smart Scroll, Air Control etc were highlighted as each brick broke. To reach the right target audience, targeted the ads on it’s premium AppWrapper inventory, that provides full screen ads at launch and exit of 20,000+ Apps! Thus reaching an evolved audience of App users in the right context and in a clutter-free environment. Being a HTML5 creative, it was also fully compatible to run on the Mobile Web inventory of the network.


Mobile allows advertisers to move beyond just showings ads, and to allow users to interact & engage with the brand in an innovative manner. Converting the key brand message onto a game, Samsung leveraged Vserv’s powerful rich media platform to create a user experience with cross platform presence quickly. The campaign allowed Samsung to reach a very targeted audience of 1,476,309 unique users with over 6,488,046 impressions. A whopping 90% of these users played the same game twice which created a higher brand recall.

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MyEG DiGi Campaign – Smart Campaign of the Month


My E.G. Services Berhad develops and implements e-Government and related services for the Government of Malaysia. MyEG serves as a community-based information and services center for the public to access information, execute transactions and interact with the government institutions. It began by developing online government transactional services for the local community & soon ventured into E-insurance solutions and other insurance-related services. They wanted to increase uptake of road tax and motor insurance, but traditional media exposure was not measurable or was untraceable. With 27% of the 10 million mobile internet users in Malaysia owning an automobile, MyEG decided to explore the power of mobile for the first time.



MyEG partnered with DiGi Telecom, Malaysia’s leading mobile service provider to create an innovative ‘free talk time’ based offer for for renewal of road tax and motor insurance. The objective of this campaign was to generate leads on MyEG’s existing campaign with DiGi subscribers, and increase renewals through this offer.


As an emerging market, Malaysian mobile subscribers are spread across on both, feature phone as well as smart phone devices. MyEG engaged with the team at to leverage our Mobile Marketing expertise and tap into our unparalleled reach on Apps across smart phones & feature phones.

Building on the core concept, designed an engaging rich media creative to drive the message. The HTML5 version of the creative added an exciting element of surprise, by showing gifts that could be unwrapped by the user to discover the talk time rebate. ran the “Renew your roadtax & motor insurance and unwrap a surprise gift” creative across its network, targeting Digi subscribers while they surfed mobile sites or used Apps.

A verification code was provided as the next step to renew his road tax or motor insurance plan on MyEG, thus helping convert the interested lead into an actual sale.


The campaign delivered results that would have just not been possible using traditional media. Within just 20 days, the campaign achieved more than 3.6 million targeted impressions to DiGi Telecom subscribers, generating more than 20,000 clicks. This activity led to an increase in the Daily Average Registrations (DAR) for motor insurance & road tax by a massive 50%! The campaign demonstrated the power of mobile, in reaching the Right Consumer, at the Right time, with the Right Message, and at the Right Cost.

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