Nisqo Technologies (Tanzania)- Developer of The Week

Vserv-Nisquo“A kid in Africa with a cell phone has access to more intelligence than the President of United States did 15 years ago” said MIT futurist Ray Kurzweil in a recent article in the Huffington Post. Six out of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies are in Africa and Mobile is playing a big role in driving these economies. Africa is the second biggest mobile market in terms of subscriber base with 50% of internet connections exclusively on mobile and 50% of the region’s population below 20 years of age. So it is not surprising when you see students, fresh out of college, wanting to be pioneers in this mobile revolution.


It’s often said why work for someone when you can work for yourself, but at times people have trouble taking the plunge. Need some inspiration? Meet Tanzania based Nisile Kaswaga. He initially thought he would work for someone and applied for several jobs, but during this entire process of applying he was convinced he was not getting enough mileage for his time working for someone else. In March 2012, Nokia conducted an 8 week training program for 30 chosen app developers in Tanzania, and Nisile was one of them. His latent passion for mobile app development had come to the fore during this training and he took the entrepreneurial leap founding Nisqo Technologies Co. Ltd. He was constantly driven by the success of students from Ugandan Markerere University who had made millions developing mobile applications and the belief that Mobile was the medium which would break barriers adding significant value to the lives of people around him.

In less than a year Nisile has taken rapid strides and become a leading player in the mobile apps space. His first app ‘Love Guru’ has enjoyed tremendous success globally. We have always been committed to partner with young dynamic talent in the mobile space & are delighted to collaborate with Nisile in his app monetization journey. Nisile adds “Vserv’s unique AppWrapper technology is the best monetization tool out there – because it is very simple, and yet helped increase our revenues multifold, saving us tremendous time in our overall coding efforts. We look forward to a fruitful and long association with Vserv for all future projects.”

Fact File
Name Nisqo Technologies
Location Tanzania
Connect Website, Facebook, Twitter
Apps Ovi

Inspired by Steve Jobs, Nisile has ambitious plans for Nisqo. Having already made a mark on the Nokia Ovi store, Nisile plans to start developing mobile apps on other platforms like Symbian, Android, Blackberry and Windows in the coming year. Nisile terms ‘entrepreneurship’ as the best form of employment and his advice to fellow peers is to get started immediately if they have an idea.

We are confident that Nisile will very soon be a force to reckon with in mobile app development making both Tanzania and Africa proud. We wish him lots of success in all his endeavours.

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Oral-B banks on Mobile Video

Vserv-Oral BBrand Name:  Oral-B is a brand of oral hygiene products, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss. The ‘ B ‘ in Oral-B stands for “Brush”. Oral-B was created in 1950 by Dr Robert Huston, a dentist who created the first Oral-B toothbrush with its soft, end-rounded nylon bristles.

Country: Indonesia

Campaign Theme: Oral-B Toothbrush Video Reach Campaign

Target Audience: Females 23 to 40 years of age (mothers)

Campaign Objective: Augment reach of the TV  campaign with a “Click to Video” campaign on mobile Continue reading

Abdu Ssekalala (Uganda) – Developer Of The Week

Africa Rising!!! You bet it is. The Economist notes that IMF expects 6 African nations to be in the top 10 during 2011-2015. Uganda is one of them with an estimated growth rate of 7% up to 2016. One of the factors for the growth has been mobile. Mobile is estimated to have a 55% penetration rate in Uganda and 90% of its internet subscribers are on the mobile.


Fact File
Name Abdu Ssekalala
Location Kampala, Uganda
Connect @abdussekalala,
Apps Nokia

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VenkatRamanan Ramasubramanian (India) – Developer Of The Week

We love the mobile ecosystem!! One of the biggest pillars of this ecosystem are developers who usually are hidden behind large numbers, corporations and in some cases the Apps themselves. While we all are aware of popular Apps, their statistics and keep recommending them to our near and dear ones the developers themselves sometimes get lost in all the noise. But these developers have a story to share: a need that led them to make a App, the troubles they faced, what they did right, what inspires them. There is a lot to learn from such stories. We at are fortunate enough to work with many such sucessful developers – and we would like to share their success stories with you!

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